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Comfortable & easy to conceal under your bra

Each cup collects over 2 ounces of your liquid gold. Comes with Removable stoppers to prevent milk spills. Patented & Made In USA.

Save your milk day & night

Transfer the milk every 2-3 hrs, to refrigerate or freeze. Up to 4 hrs at night.

Save 4 to 12 ounces more of breastmilk per day

by collecting all the naturally occurring let down or while nursing from the opposite side.

Say goodbye to nursing pads and wasted milk

Lacticups Essentials, Save 4-12 oz/day

My experience as a mom and working as a Lactation Consultant for over 17 years in NICU and PostPartum; helping over 40,000 moms and their babies to achieve their breastfeeding goals; was my inspiration to create LacticupsĀ® to help new moms and their babies to have an easier start to their breastfeeding journey.

LacticupsĀ® Relieve sore nipples from friction by creating a shield, while collecting all the milk that normally gets wasted in nursing pads.Ā You can Effortlessly save 4-12 ounces /day LacticupsĀ® are reusable and comfortable.

Transfer the milk out to a storage container every 2-3 hrs during the day and every 3-4 hrs at night.Ā The milk that is collected can then be refrigerated or frozen to feed later your little one. LacticupsĀ® is Reg. U.S. Pat & TM and 68 more countries, including China (Utility Patent US. 10744025).Ā LEARN MORE

These work AMAZING. I put them in on the side I'm not nursing on so that it catches my letdown. I also wear them around my house to just catch general leaking. This allows me to save enough that I hardly have to pump for a backup stash! So worth the price. Note: If you leak a lot like I do, you'll have to empty them after each feeding and quite often throughout the day to keep them from getting too full.Ā  Ā Lacti-Cups are a Must-Have for Every breastfeeding Mom.

Stephanie, Amazon

I LOVE LACTICUPS ! First of all, I was supplementing my baby with one bottle per day, because when I pump I don't get enough milk. Since I started to use Lacticups, from just collecting leaks, I save 4 ounces a day! I just can't believe that I was wasting so much milk before on nursing pads!Ā  I am saving money by not having to buy as many nursing pads or formula for my baby and the best part is that now I am exclusively feeding breastmilk to him, I couldn't be happier! I love my Lacticups.

Adriana, Amazon

I absolutely love these cups!

As a new mom I wasn't very confident that I was producing enough milk for my baby. When I started to use Lacticups, I started noticing that I had more milk that I've thought I had! It was definitely a big confidence booster seeing milk leaks on the lacticups. When we use nursing pads, we really have no idea of how much milk we are wasting :(Ā  Some times I collect half ounce, and all the leaks adds up, at the end of the days I have collected 3 ounces!Ā  They are a great price especially for all the milk Iā€™ve already saved from being thrown in the trash if I was using pads. Besides I have built a great stash of milk before I start to work again.

I definitely recommend this product.

S Rose, Amazon

I LOVE THESE SHELLS!, One of the reason that I chose Lacticups over Milkies is because it fits comfortably inside of my bra, are very easy to conceal.( Not to mention that I get 2 Lacticups one for each breast,Ā  instead of just one). I can use them even if I'm out of my house. I use them every day to collect the letdown from the opposite side that I'm nursing on. The Silicone part makes a soft seal against my breast and the pour spout allows my breast to get some ventilation and relieving my nipples from friction. I only use the plugs before removing them to prevent spills. I can't say enough great things about Lacticups.Ā 

Julie S.

I am a mother of 2 and these cups saved me when I was suffering of sore nipples the first month of nursing, and at the same time they were collecting milk leaks! I collect 2 oz on average. In one day I collect around 12-14 oz, without pumping, for me this is just amazing. Also, I noticed that I don't get engorged anymore, so is easier to pump when I am away from my baby. I didn't have Lacticups when I had my first baby and all the struggles that I went through made me quit breastfeeding after 2 months. Now that I have used Lacticups it took so much stress from me, I didn't have to pump as much, my nipples were getting a break between feedings and allowed me time to rest.Ā Lacticups are a Breastfeeding Essential. Do yourself a favor and buy them!

Lilly Murphy

Lacticups are amazing. In the first six months of breastfeeding I leaked all over the place and all that liquid gold went into bra pads. Finally I decided to try something. I was going to try another (very popular) system, but this one just seemed like it would be more comfortable so I tried it instead. I was still a bit worried since I'd tried some of those shields that let the nipple heal and they were super painful, but these cups are so comfortable I sometimes forget I'm wearing them! Habit is the only thing that reminds me to take them out and dump them now. So easy to wear, so easy to clean, and so nice to save all that milk that was just getting wasted. I built a huge freezer stash with these alone! I don't respond well to the pump, so these were amazing. No more soggy chest, no more wasted gold. Now we're beginning the weaning process and I only leak during a feed, but I still faithfully put them on every time and catch that quarter ounce. I brag about them to all the moms I know. I tried another brand a few months ago because they were on sale and wanted some to throw in my bag, but I hated them, so I threw them away. I will only ever use these. My only regret is not ordering sooner.


I am absolutely obsessed with my lacticups and telling everyone I know about them! Lacticups can be used for many reason, to catch the leaks throughout the day, to catch the let down while nursing from the opposite side,or at nights when I personally leak the most. IĀ  use them when Iā€™m nursing for my letdown on the other side and I save 1-2 oz per feeding and at night. The best part is it saves me from having to pump as often and itā€™s pain free!. My only regret is not buying these sooner and wasting all of that milk on nipple pads!

Mary Shirey

I purchased this for my daughter who had her baby recently. With the baby being a preemie we wanted to make sure to catch every drop of milk so as not to waste any. Between pumps, only from leaks, she collects up to 5 ounces in the lacticups. They fit well in her bra and donā€™t show at all when she wears them. She is large breasted and these cups fit her very well and would likely work well for any size. Would definitely recommend them for any breastfeeding momma. It has really helped my daughter to save much more breastmilk for my grandchild, I know she has less stress knowing that she can provide for her baby.

Shery Goros

Sometimes when Iā€™m nursing my son on one side the other side fills up 3-4 oz as well. I have 18 oz in freezer just from lacticups and my son is only 13 days old. I Definitely recommend it. Another perk is the fact that my nipples are more on the flat side. When I take the Lacticups off to feed my son it helps him get a better latch because my nipple is poked out more, thanks to the slight pressure on my breast. I have not get engorged once, because it helps the milk to come out, I am so grateful for this product! Lacticups are a must have, like seriously don't hesitate!

Brittney M